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"It is estimated, only 50% of households have mortgage protection."

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Making sure your family, income and business are protected should the worst happen… talk to ME.

"It is estimated, only 50% of households have mortgage protection."

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An umbrella carried away by the wind. Mortgage protection advice from ME Financial Services

At ME, we strongly believe that our clients need to understand all of their options when it comes to protecting against unexpected life events.

We pride ourselves on making the complicated simple and understanding our clients financial situation
to assist them with prioritising their protection needs within their budget.

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Mortgage protection

Whether your mortgage is big or small, ensuring you and your family can stay in your home should the worst happen is vital. At ME, we can make sure you have the right policy to ensure that your mortgage is repaid in the event of a claim, taking some of the financial stress out of a very difficult situation.

Income protection

Being unable to pay your bills due to prolonged sickness can be a very stressful experience. Whether you are employed, or self-employed, we can review your situation and ensure you have the right policy in place to ensure all you have to worry about is getting better!

Life insurance

The purpose of life insurance is to pay out a lump sum in the event of your unexpected death. You may wish to have your debts paid off, pay for school fees and education costs or just have a lump sum payout to support with the financial consequences of you passing away. At ME, we will help you make sure you have the right policies in place to protect you and your family should the worst happen.

Critical illness cover

Chances are, you know someone who has been affected by the consequences of being diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack or another serious illness. Fingers crossed, it will never happen to you but, if it does, wouldn’t you rather be spending your time getting better than worrying about your finances? A critical illness plan could be the right option to give you peace of mind.

You can trust ME for protection advice

Our professional advisers will review your current circumstances including you and your families medical history, your financial situation and your financial goals to make sure we find the right insurance policies for you.

Protection made easy!

At ME we use the latest software which enables us to find you the most suitable deal whilst also helping us to work with you securely and efficiently. Our clients can choose to complete all of the initial information we require in their own time on their mobile, tablet or PC so our advisers can get on with helping you find the solution you need.

Specialist protection options for all

Our protection specialists can also help with more complex protection requirements such as business / shareholder protection, group protection policies and key person protection. If you have a business you want to protect, contact ME today for protection advice.


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We want to build a long and lasting relationship with you for many years to come and won’t just leave you to it once your transaction has been approved. We are available to hold your hand through the whole process and beyond. As such, we aim to make your life as easy as possible by updating you with regular information and guides.